Repurposing things is a good way to save money and as far as I'm concerned wooden palettes equals free wood. Where I live, there are loads of them in back alleys waiting to be reclaimed and reconstructed into something better than the dumb old palettes they currently are.

WARNING: If you see a stack of sweet looking palettes behind a commercial business, they're most likely still in use and not up for grabs. Trust me, you don't want petty theft going on your permanent record for taking a palette from Carl's Jr. Furthermore, some palettes are treated with harmful toxins that irritate the skin or may have been used to haul around hazardous materials in a sketchy warehouse somewhere. You'll wanna avoid those.

Okay so, once you've secured a palette, the first order of business is to dismantle it using a hammer or prybar. Palettes are often held together by what's referred to as 'corkscrew nails' which quite frankly are a serious bitch to remove. Things are almost certain to not go smoothly, but take solace in knowing that the time you've sacrificed and the frustration you've endured are totally worth it once you have a couple pieces of rustic looking wood to make something that you may now call reclaimed or repurposed.

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